10 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs

Carrying a parasol does not have to be a boring affair if you can flaunt some quirky and creative designs. While umbrellas are meant for sheltering you from the rain or harsh sunlight, you can actually choose to use some unusual umbrella designs that are eye-catchy and more effective. Most umbrellas, you will find, are no good against gale-like winds or torrential downpour. Here are some offbeat umbrella design ideas that you can consider:

  1. Funny umbrella design: These resemble hats and can be easily worn on the head to protect yourself from snow, sun, rain, or even golf balls, for that matter. You can keep these for your next Halloween look or use it for hat parties.
  2. Knight’s sword handle umbrella: This umbrella style is definitely stylish and one that is well-equipped to handle cloudbursts and nagging drizzles alike. It is worn at the belt-line and gives the look of a classic knight.
  3. Goggles umbrella: You must have seen people flaunting these playful umbrellas which have been inspired by snorkeling gear. The umbrella gets its name because of the transparent portion on it shaped like a pair of goggles.
  4. Cup holder umbrella: This can be your go-to accessory when you must rush to work and it is raining cats and dogs. It comes with a cup holder to hold your coffee so that you do not have to balance everything else on the other hand. You can use your free hand to keep texting on that smartphone.
  5. Heart-shaped umbrella design: This trendy looking parasol is one for keeps; it will appeal to a die-hard romantic. It looks like any other stylish umbrella when closed, but once you open it, it takes the form of a big heart. You can buy them in striking colors like red or fuchsia and turn heads as you walk.
  6. X-Ray umbrellas: These parasols have been made with much care because the design is one of human bones. This is eye-grabbing and the idea was first introduced by Anastacia Spada.
  7. Bamboo Umbrella: This has been a strange invention but the biodegradable umbrella is one of a kind. The frame is attractive and the parasol is prepared from bamboo. Bamboo is renewable making this unique design appealing and innovative. The canopy is made from bio-plastic. It has been called “The Brelli” which is a much-needed change from the deflated broken black umbrellas that fill the garbage dumps in cities.
  8. Wheel and seal umbrella: Rainy weather can be enjoyable for a bit, but not that exciting when the sun does not come out for days. This is why Taiwanese designers came up with a wheel styled umbrella for kids to lift up their spirits. The umbrella is fitted with wheels displaying smiley faces from puddles in the rain.
  9. Clock Parasol: This was invented by a Japanese designer who included a sun dial that could be read from below the parasol. When you rotate the umbrella, the compass mounted on its handle finds the magnetic north and orients the inner graphics accordingly.
  10. Dualbrella: This style, as the name suggests, is a joining of two umbrellas so that a couple can walk under it without having to fight for position.

So, the next time you plan on going shopping for an umbrella, why not choose to buy something that is quirky and unique? It will make rainy days seem brighter and life your mood.